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Over the next 6 weeks, scientists, students and other project participants from around the country are taking part in a large field project coined: Tornadic Winds: In situ and Radar observation at Low levels or TWIRL for short. TWIRL, which officially began on 1 May, is a project carried out by the Center for Severe Weather research and funded by the National Science Foundation. The campaign is intended to study meteorological phenomena which occur in and around tornadic and nontornadic storms in the Great Plains of the United States. The project will utilize various in situ and remotely sensing instrumentation being deployed by over 20 scientists and participants. The project is nomadic, so while the official "home base" for many of the participants is the greater Denver Metro area, the crew will be traveling all over the Great Plains during this project, wherever the winds are forecast to blow!

The 5 May route for the CSWR fleet of vehicles was from Boulder, CO to Wray, CO. (Click image below for larger view.)

Thursday, 5 May was a travel day for the CSWR armada. Eight vehicles set out from Boulder, CO and made their way to Wray, CO in order to have a practice mission (or two) on 6 May. These so-called "shake-out" missions are necessary in order to ensure the crew if fully prepared to deploy their instruments in anticipation of potentially severe weather conditions later on in the weekend and early into next week. Additionally, since 1 May, much prep work has been done on the vehicles as well as the various instrument platforms, and the "shake-out" missions will also ensure that the vehicles are in tip-top shape.

As the project progresses, scientists, students and other participants will be providing a detailed summary of individual missions and first-hand accounts from the field. Stay tuned!

Report Summary

The TWIRL project is a multi-platform scientific project seeking to measure low-level winds in tornadic and nontornadic supercells and other severe thunderstorm systems.

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