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R adar
bservations of
T hunderstorms
xperiment 2007


  • The main focus of ROTATE-2007 will be obtaining extremely high resolution winds in the lowest levels of tornadoes, by deploying close to the tornadoes, as opposed the dual-Doppler deployments typical of past years.
  • ROTATE-2007 will have no fixed base.
  • ROTATE-2007 will be providing guidance to the TIV team in their efforts to obtain in situ IMAX film and scientific data in the region very near tornadoes. The paramount objective will be TIV safety and avoidance of the most intense winds in violent tornadoes. Combination of DOW (10-30 m AGL minimum) and TIV data (3 m AGL) permits us to map low level winds in tornadoes. Summary of 12 June 2005 DOW/TIV intercept of a tornado
  • ROTATE-2007 will likely be employing new deployable in situ technology.

Other Items of Interest

Project Status


This update: 1030 CDT 8 June 2007

Saturday 9 June 2007: FERRY to Limon, CO.

Sunday 10 June 2007: FERRY to Boulder, CO.

Monday 11 June 2007: End of Season, CO.


ROTATE 2007 has concluded for the season. Weather updates for the 2008 season will commence in April.

2007 Data and Logs

2007 Tornado intercept (w/ DOW data):  25
2007 Tornado intercepts (w/ DOW and TIV data):  4

Mission Logs

  • #1: 21 April: Mission in Texas Panhandle. Intercepted 2 tornadoes after dark between Wayside and Happy. Damage survey indicated F1 damage consistent with radar data.
  • #2: 23 April: Mission in Southern Kansas and Northern Oklahoma. Intercepted numerous tornadoes. Data collected with DOW, and Tornado Probes. TIV transect of large tornado in Southern Kansas.
  • #3: 24 April: Mission in Kansas. Intercepted one or more tornadoes. Data collected with DOW, and Tornado Probes. TIV intercepted central core flow region of two of two tornadoes (or one tornado twice) in Southern Kansas.

  • #4: 25 April: Bust in cold core system in Southeastern Kansas

  • #5: 01-02 May Long Ferry to Odessa and back. No attempts at intercepts.
  • #6: 03 May: Missions in NE CO. Gustnadoes, but no regular tornadoes observed.
  • #7: 04 May: Intercepted 3 tornadoes after dark in N KS and S NE. DOW data but no probe or TIV deployments. ROTATE was not on the Greensburg storm.
  • #8: 05 May: Intercepted Stafford tornado. Deployed TIV and one probe. TIV missed core flow. Probe may have been in core flow, data will be examined. Several other tornadoes observed by DOW in three supercells. Intercepted tornadoes near Mackville and Luka. TIV, TIV-support and SCOUT collected data in or near tornado with DOW scanning overhead.
  • #9: 06 May: Intercepted one tornado SW of Medicine Lodge, N of Hardtner. TIV deployed, but tornado dissipated before crossing road. No probe deployments.

  • #10: 13 May: Drove north to Fargo, North Dakota to watch the lack of initiation.
  • #11: 22 May: Intercepted one tornado SW of Hill City, KS. No probe or TIV deployments because the tornado dissipated before crossing a paved road. TTU teams collected cotemperous data.
  • #12: 23 May: Intercepted one weak tornado SE of Perryton, TX. Intercepted another moderate strength tornado after dark east of TX70. Also intercepted multiple mesocyclones south of Perryton. No probe or TIV deployments on either tornado. TTU teams collected cotemperous data.

  • #13: 28 May: Intercepted precipitation near Petersburg, ND.
  • #14: 31 May: Intercepted one weak tornado NW of Guymon, OK. No probe or TIV deployments on the tornado. TTU teams collected data nearby.

  • #15: 06 June: Collected data on a storm south of Kadoka, SD. SCOUT intercepted a 38 m/s gustnado at a Murdo, SD gas station.

System Status

  DOW2: Up   on boat to Germany
  DOW3: Up Boulder, CO READY
  Rapid-DOW: Up Boulder, CO Not Participating
  SCOUT: Up Boulder, CO READY
  Wurman: Boulder, CO    

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