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Project Status

This update: 12:30 CDT 12 June 2008
  • Wednesday, June 11: GO for operations in IA.
  • Thursday, June 12: STANDBY for ferry back to Boulder, CO.
  • Friday, June 13: STANDBY for data backup/end of season.
  • Saturday, June 14: STANDBY for next year.

ROTATE 2008 has concluded for the season.

2008 Data and Logs

2008 Tornado intercept (w/ DOW data):  19
2008 Tornado intercepts (w/ DOW and TIV data):  3
Mission Logs
  • #1: 21 April: Mission in west central OK. No storms were intercepted. SCOUT intercepted a severe storm near Pauls Valley, OK after dark which contained large hail.
  • #2: 23 April: Mission to Amarillo, TX. No storms were intercepted. SCOUT interceted multiple tornado warned supercells between Lamesa, TX and Snyder, TX.
  • #3: 24 April: Intercepted a supercell near Hill City, KS. DOW, tornado pod, and probe data were collected on this storm. TIV did not intercept. Two tornadoes were reported at the deployment sites, and ROTATE crew observed funnels visually, but real-time radar data did not indicate tornadoes. Data will be reviewed in more detail to examine this discrepancy.
  • #4: 1 May: Multiple intercepts of supercells near Fredonia, KS. TIV and the probes did not deploy, but the DOW collected data in the hook. SCOUT intercepted multiple supercells in Northeastern NE and Northwestern IA. A tornado was witnessed in its decaying phase near Inwood, IA, however no pods were able to be deployed before the tornado dissipated.
  • #5: 5 May: Intercepted large hail north of Roswell, NM.
  • #6: 6 May: Intercepted 2 severe storms west of Plainview, TX.
  • #7: 7 May: Intercepted a severe storm west of Marietta, OK.
  • #8: 10 May: Intercepted a tornado in Stuttgart, AR. 3 pods were deployed and the TIV may have been in the core flow of the tornado. A damage survey was conducted ex post facto in order to link the radar observations with damage incurred in Stuttgart.
  • #9: 13 May: SCOUT intercepted a supercell near Okemah, OK.
  • #10: 14 May: Intercepted 2 supercells near Brady, TX. We followed 1 of the cells to Austin, TX. Data revealed tornado east of Eden, TX.
  • #11: 22 May: Pods were deployed south of Wakeeney, KS. Tornado occurred at the airport, ~75m to west of pod array.
  • #12: 23 May: At least 6 tornadoes were intercepted in west central Kansas (Quinter, Ness City, and Brownell) . Pods were deployed west of Ness City, KS.
  • #13: 25 May: Intercepted a nontornadic supercell south of WaKeeney, KS.
  • #14: 26 May: Intercepted a supercell near Pratt, KS. The storm was nontornadic at the time of data collection.
  • #15: 29 May: Intercepted a tornadic supercell near Kearney, NE. Intercepted multiple cyclic tornadoes in Kansas (Glen Elder and Jewell). Pods were deployed south of Glen Elder. Damage surveys were conducted in Glen Elder, Jewell, and Kearney.
  • #16: 31 May: Intercepted a storm near Pawhuska, OK.
  • #17: 1 June: Intercepted a supercell with a weak tornado west of Oshkosh, NE. No deployments attempts were made.
  • #18: 3 June: Intercepted a storm near Chillicothe, MO.
  • #19: 4 June: Intercepted tornadic supercells near Benedict, NE and Dwight, NE.
  • #20: 11 June: Intercepted 2 tornadoes in western IA: one near Blencoe, IA and another south of Missouri Valley, IA. Collected radar, pod, and TIV data very near the latter tornado as well as near Little Sioux, IA tornado.

System Status
DOW6: Ready Boulder, CO Up
Probe 1: Ready Boulder, CO Up
Probe 2:: Ready Boulder, CO Up
Tornado Pods: Ready (10 of 12) Boulder, CO Up
Scout: Ready Boulder, CO Up
TIV: Ready Los Angeles, CA Up
Wurman: Boulder, CO

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