The following is a list of news articles and features where CSWR or the DOWs were mentioned. Please be advised that some of the links may no longer be current.


The Washington Post: We're underestimating the destructive power of tornadoes, study shows (Tornado Climatology) Evidence suggests that many tornadoes are bigger and stronger than reported (Tornado Climatology)

CBS News: Another major tornado outbreak takes aim at the Southeast today (Tornado Climatology)

EarthSky: Some tornadoes are more destructive than we thought (Tornado Climatology)

WCIA: "Doppler on Wheels" coming to University of Illinois (DOW Facility)

The News-Gazette: "UI Atmospheric Sciences about to take 'education and outreach efforts to a whole new level' (DOW Facility)

UIUC News: "Department of Atmospheric Sciences acquires Doppler mobile radar and instrumentation facility (DOW Facility)


Carolina Weather Group: Josh Wurman: Father of the Doppler on Wheels (Interview: Josh Wurman)

The Washington Post: Gusts to 123 mph, 30 inches of rain and a 6-foot storm surge: Hurricane Sally by the numbers (Hurricane Sally)

The Washington Post: Hurricane 'maximum sustained' winds are seldom felt on land and may not mean what you think (Hurricanes)

Accuweather: Mobile radar offers a rare, close-up look into the eye of Hurricane Laura (Hurricane Laura)

The Washington Post: Scientists drove radars inside Hurricane Laura’s fiercest winds, hoping to unravel their mysteries (Hurricane Laura)

The Washington Post: Inside Hurricane Laura: Join storm chasers studying the eye of the storm (Hurricane Laura)

The New York Times: What’s Going on Inside the Fearsome Thunderstorms of Córdoba Province? (RELAMPAGO)

Medium: Book Bites: The Real Danger of Storm Chasing from Meteorologist Dan Henry (El Reno Tornado)

Denver Museum of Nature & Science: Scientists in Action: Wild Weather (Interview: Karen Kosiba)

UIUC News: Let it snow: Researchers put cloud seeding to the test (SNOWIE)

Boulder Daily Camera: Boulder scientists prove snowmaking potential of cloud seeding (SNOWIE)

KVRR (Fargo, ND): UND Students Get “Blown Under” In Order To Study Blizzards (BLOWN-UNDER)

UND Today: BLOWN-UNDER project finds its perfect storm (BLOWN-UNDER)

Grand Forks Herald: UND research seeks to help accurately predict snow totals in blizzards (BLOWN-UNDER)


USA Science and Engineering Festival: Observing and Studying Powerful Storms Up Close With Atmospheric Scientist Karen Kosiba (Biography: Karen Kosiba)

TCPalm (Treasure Coast, FL): Studying Dorian: 'Storm Chaser' scientist in Stuart conducting hurricane research (Hurricane Dorian)

The Verge: Thunderheads (RELAMPAGO)

Penn State News: Grad students gain research edge with aid from meteorology professor emeritus (RELAMPAGO)

Tiempo: De Barcelona a Córdoba (Argentina): estudiando las tormentas más grandes del mundo con el proyecto RELAMPAGO. Parte I (in Spanish) (RELAMPAGO)

Pagina12: En el ojo de la tormenta (in Spanish) (RELAMPAGO)


Nebraska Today: Husker-led research team to examine irrigation's role in precipitation (GRAINEX)


Scientific American: Hurricanes Harvey and Irma Send Scientists Searching for Data (Hurricanes Harvey & Irma)

The Guardian: Riders on the storm: the scientists who chase tornadoes - in pictures (tTWIRL 2017)

NBC News: Stormchasers Hunt Tornadoes for Science (tTWIRL 2017)


digitaltrends: Meet TWIRL, and the storm chasers who planted sensors in the heart of a twister (TWIRL 2016)

Peninsula Daily News (Port Angeles, WA): Weather study on Olympic Peninsula employs everything from mules to ‘spy planes’ (OLYMPEX)


The Seattle Times: UW, NASA deploy scientific blitz to study rainy Olympic Peninsula (OLYMPEX)

VOA News: NASA, UW Team Up to Track Rain, Snow in Soggy Washington (OLYMPEX)

UW News: UW, NASA measure rain and snowfall to gauge new precipitation satellite (OLYMPEX)

Florida Today: FIT students get chance with ‘Doppler on Wheels’ (F-DEWS)

Florida Tech News: Students Chase Severe Weather with the ‘Biggest Dish on the Road’ (F-DEWS)

National Geographic: Chasing Nighttime Thunderstorms, Trying to Crack Their Mysteries (PECAN)

Science Nation: Doppler on Wheels--the biggest 'dish' on the road! (General)

Kearney Hub: Witness Doppler on Wheels in action but without the twister (UNDEO4)

Rochester First: New Mobile Doppler Technology Helping Meteorologists Understand Severe WNY Weather (GEO-WIND-HWS-II)

USA Today: 'Doppler on Wheels' looks inside blizzards (Snowpocalypse 2015)

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